MaxiMaid Services

About Us

Thousands of satisfied customers say that MaxiMaid Service Inc. is not just a comfort, but a necessity! Most of our customers find that having Maximaid Service every two weeks keeps their homes beautifully clean and with a healthy environment; we also offer occasional, monthly and even weekly home cleaning services, minimizing the amount of time you probably spend cleaning between visits – whatever suits YOUR needs, we're there!""<a>fdfdf</a>""

Construction Cleaning

You may think of MaxiMaid Cleaning Services as simply a maid service, but we do so much more… including post construction cleanup!

  • Pressure Washing
  • Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Interior Final Cleaning of Residential Homes and Nearly All Commercial Buildings
  • Screw and Grind Subfloors
  • Rough Cleaning
  • Acid Scrub (Quarry & Ceramic Flooring)
  • Scheduled Model Home Cleaning
  • Punch-Out